A Paid Performance Media Strategy Overview

3.5 billions Google searches per day. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 1.4 billion log on to Facebook per day. Given the proliferation of digital touchpoints, there is a cornucopia of digital media channels available today.

But how can we get our grip around them all to the extent possible and make a coherent, effective plan that takes advantage of them?

I put together a general overview of how to think about a coherent performance media strategy for nearly any business. Depending on how you look at it, it’s scaffolding or a starting point. Certainly as you build up your programs with more info, you get more sophisticated about what works, what doesn’t work, who the customers are, and who they aren’t. Thus, we refine our strategy as we go.

That said, at the heart of the framework is an understanding of the customer’s intent. Knowing (or taking educated guesses at) the customer intent — why is this user searching for X? What are they looking for? — enables us to better understand the role of the brand at the moment. Therefore we can better plan where we want to play, skip, partner, or own, what marketing to leverage, how best to measure media performance and how best to integrate each relevant digital touch point into a coherent program.

To help folks plan a holistic performance media strategy considering the priority performance media channels, I cleaned up a ppt that shares an understanding of performance media and how best to think about it when planning your next campaign.