I’m a digital marketing insider. I bring you the rigor and performance experience from 10+ years at top tier agencies, with none of the hassle and fluff. Just think of me as a natural extension of your marketing team. I keep the process light and let the work do the talking.




I work with select startups and large website clients to help them grow their audience and conversions through performance marketing, primarily with SEO, Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic, Content, and Linking strategies.


I work with individuals to update or round out their digital marketing knowledge and build new competencies in the areas of SEO, Paid Media, and Digital Analytics. These are in-person, in-office sessions, or video conferences.



Paul delivers. I can always lean on him to bring strategic objectivity to the project and align resources perfectly.
— Sebastian Wenzel - Director of Marketing, GetSafe.com
Paul has acted like the VP of SEO for our e-commerce business. He not only developed a cogent, data-driven strategy but he was able to rally the team to work together and execute it. Very well-rounded. We’re really happy with the results, too.
— Tracy Heller - Founder, Brooklyn Born
Paul projects trustworthiness and empathy, and, fortunately for the many who confide in him, he lives up to it.
— Siddhartha Naithani - VP of Strategy, Pharmaspectra